Our Specialisation

CNC Turning

production of turned parts in the quantity from 1 to 10,000 pcs

CNC Milling

production of milled parts in the quantity from 1 to 10,000 pcs

About us

Our company KOVO Koudelka s.r.o. was established in 2007 and currently has 35 employees. We perform precision machining of steel, metal and plastics. Our machinery includes recent CNC milling machines and HURCO CNC lathes, the Mitsubishi CNC wire cutting machine, the ZEISS CMM 3D measuring centre and other useful production and measurement technology. We are a modern-thinking company that is trying to keep up with the times, and therefore, we invest a lot in our machinery, digitisation, automation and the satisfaction of our employees. In 2012, we had our quality management system certified according to ISO 9001 and 14001 and we have a strong system of continuous improvement. When we started, we only supplied to customers in the Czech Republic, but since 2009, exports to EU and non-EU countries have prevailed. Our production is 100% digitally controlled and ready for paperless production (APS / MES). We collect and evaluate data and measure the performance efficiency of our company. We quickly adapt to the needs of our customers; we always seek the best way for our joint business with a high focus on quality.

Production Capacities

Our production combines manual programming for lightweight parts with central CAD / CAM (SolidWorks / CamWorks). The company mostly has HURCO CNC milling machines, which constitutes 80% of the production capacity. The maximum part size is 1,200 by 500 by 500 mm (L x W x H) and the maximum weight is 50 kg. HURCO CNC lathes and other technologies constitute 20% of the production capacity. The maximum size of the turned part is 300 by 500 mm in diameter with the maximum weight of 50 kg. A great advantage is the laser marking of parts which we perform on the TruMark 5000 machine. We use CNC saws for material cutting. The company owns a tumbler, small sand-blasting machine, conventional flat grinder, conventional lathes and milling machines. We process steel (structural, tool, stainless steel), aluminium and Dural, brass and bronze and industrial plastics. With the help of our partners, we are able to ensure any heat treatment and surface treatment.
Hurco VMX 10i

12x Hurco VMX 10i

Number of axes 3

X: 660, Y: 400, Z: 500
Hurco VMX 24i

2x Hurco VMX 24i

Number of axes 3

X: 660, Y: 500, Z: 600
Hurco VMX 30Ui

1x Hurco VMX 30Ui

Number of axes 5

X: 760, Y: 510, Z: 520, A: +30 -110, C: 360
Hurco VM 30i

4x Hurco VM 30i

Number of axes 3

X: 1200, Y: 500, Z: 500
Hurco VMX 30i

1x Hurco VMX 30i

Number of axes 3

X: 750, Y: 500, Z: 600
Hurco TM6

1x Hurco TM6

Number of axes 2

X: 168, Z: 356
Hurco TM10i

1x Hurco TM10i

Number of axes 2

X: 250, Z: 600
Mitsubishi MV 2400R CUBE

1x Mitsubishi MV 2400R CUBE

Number of axes 4

X: 600, Y: 400, Z: 310, 4D
TruMark Station

1x TruMark Station

Number of axes 3

X: 300, Y: 300, Z: 500
Zeiss Contura

1x Zeiss Contura

Number of axes 3

X: 1600, Y: 1000, Z: 600
Hurco VM 10Ui

1x Hurco VM 10Ui

Number of axes 5

X: 533, Y: 406, Z: 483, A: +30 -110, C: 360
Zeiss DuraMax

1x Zeiss DuraMax

Number of axes 3

X: 500, Y: 500, Z: 500
Mazak Quick Turn 250MSY / 500U

1x Mazak Quick Turn 250MSY / 500U

Number of axes 4

X: 234, Y: 100, Z: 625, W: 585


We have a strong quality team, an in-house air-conditioned laboratory and state-of-the-art measurement technology. We apply the principles of ISO 9001 and 6 Sigma in our work. We run a system of continuous improvement and have a robust Lessons Learned process. All of our measurement equipment is subject to the calibration system. The big advantage is our ZEISS CONTURA CMM 3D measurement centre with the capacity of 1,000 by 1,600 by 600 mm. We can measure parts of our customers on the basis of both the drawing and the 3D model. We are mastering the part qualification processes (PPAP, FAI) and we can also handle the statistical process control (SPC / Cpk). To address non-conformities, we use 8D tools and plan major improvement projects on the 6 Sigma DMAIC principle. Quality is always No. 1 in our company.

KOVO Koudelka s.r.o.

Damníkov 62, 561 23 Damníkov, Česká republika

IČ: 27508641 | DIČ: CZ27508641

Jan Koudelka

Executive Director

Jarmil Svoboda

Production Manager

Martin Stříteský

Quality Manager

The company is registered by the Regional Court of Hradec Králové, entry C 23198