Manufacturing possibilities

The company KOVO Koudelka s.r.o. offers its customers the following manufacturing possibilities.
Milling Milling

Milling of parts and machine components.
Turning Turning

Turning of parts and components.
Metalworking Metalworking

Locksmith and job-order metalworking.

About us

The company Jan Koudelka – manufacturing and maintenance of machinery was established in Damníkov, a small village at the foothill of the Orlické Mountains. At first the company, a natural person, worked with one older machine. We started the history of the company, which is engaged in manufacturing of machine parts in piece and small-quantity production and focuses mainly on milling, in a little workshop.

In the following years we were so successful that we decided to buy an older property for establishing larger production premises. After essential reconstruction that started in November 1997, we bought other two machines in the beginning of 1998 and the company production and turnover doubled.

In 2007 the company transformed to a limited liability company and since 2007 our company has been manufacturing machine parts under the name KOVO Koudelka s.r.o. The company employs 20 workers.

After half a year we needed to deal with insufficient production premises again and therefore in spring of 2008 we built a new shop floor with total area of 190 m2. At the present time we offer production capacities on more than 500 m2 and machinery capacity of more than 4000 hours a month.

The company´s main focus is still on milling the parts, accompanied by turning and grinding. Our company´s aim is primarily quality and in time delivery of the parts according to terms of contract with our customers and effort to manufacture the most precise parts according to customer´s requirements.