Manufacturing possibilities

The company KOVO Koudelka s.r.o. offers its customers the following manufacturing possibilities.
Milling Milling

Milling of parts and machine components.
Turning Turning

Turning of parts and components.
Metalworking Metalworking

Locksmith and job-order metalworking.

Metalworking - KOVO Koudelka s.r.o.

Our company focuses on manufacturing of machine parts using milling, turning and grinding technologies. We offer a complete manufacturing service according to possibilities of our machine equipment.

The accuracy of manufacturing parts is up to tolerance of +- 0.005 mm. We provide manufacturing including material, welding, finishing operations (electro-erosion cutting, deepening, polishing etc.), surface treatments, coating of parts and delivery of parts including a measurement record.

Next we are engaged in assembly of units and single-purpose machines from the parts made by our company or delivered by a customer, assembly of production lines including delivery of standard parts.

Currently, our manufacturing capacity is more than 4000 hours a month.